Lionboar - Alternate ending

2017-09-10 23:26:41 by Atzu

For those who saw the animation "Lionboar" and wonder if the lion maked it alive or not, here's the original alternate ending. It felt weak and diluted, even If I wanted to make the next part beginning just there on the mountain going on with the journey... so I cut on the falling rocks.

Here's the link for the animation on newgrounds:

Here's that ending, if you're interested.


The lion wants me to tell you "Thanks for your kind words" and the giant boar Mwamba tells me to fu.... Naaah, lets not pay much attention to him.


Dancing sock puppet.

2014-08-13 01:29:56 by Atzu

It was a joke for my students when teaching them lipsync. I ended up liking and tweaking it to share it.





I know there's no subs. The audio is funnier when you recognize it from your childhood. Subs would be pointless.


Have some happy oat cookies with tomato sauce. They're delicious.


Hairy Dancing Sailorman

2013-04-11 01:33:47 by Atzu

Made for 60 frame collab 5 of newgrounds.

Yeah, he's got nothing under that tutu of his. Here's the proof.

Staryboy Gangnam Style

2012-11-08 00:16:41 by Atzu

Somebody at Elyon games thought it was a good idea to animate this character from a game called "Staryboy" and another one upcoming called "Smiling Galaxy"dancing gangnam style. There was this idea to make a 30 seconds video just like the pokemon or My Little Pony one, but most of the team weren't convinced about it to begin with. Mayhaps the fashion would fade away before the animation is finished.

Anyway. This was very fun to animate, and I thought putting it here with the rest of my stuff wan't all that a bad idea.

/* */
This is the link to play the current staryboy game. Hope the smiling galaxy one won't take to long to be finished.

Staryboy Link

This game may be too cute for my taste, but at least is not as f**** stereotyped as "TACO MASTER" from Kaxan... Damm it! Tacos may be delicious, but them as a theme, just as most of those piñata and zarape guy with "sombrero" sleeping beside a cactus stuff is plain ridiculous.

Oh well. Have a nice day or something.

Rose for Mothers Day

2012-05-10 17:25:22 by Atzu

This is a very short animation I made for some announces and improved to share so you can show it to your moms or take any ideas from it if you will. At least mine liked it.

Here is the youtube link if the vimeo one lags: Rose Of May - Youtube
And here is the audio I used from Jazza

Rose for Mothers Day

Deniedo Promo

2011-05-08 01:51:23 by Atzu

Deniedo Promo Eng Sub

Promo I made for fun for a nonsense flash animation I'll be uploading soon.

The actual animation will have buttons to change the subs.

In that animation you'll be able to see this little dead pig merry go round :


Deniedo Promo

-DeathBorn- Worth Uploading?

2010-01-28 21:14:12 by Atzu

Hey guys, I haven't upload a thing because my past animations were just boring and lame, and I decided not to upload anything until I had something funnier or better, I dunno...
I began uploading my animation reel and something told me to upload some other stuff, so I've just finished fixing an animation I did 4 years inspired by some of Salvador Dali paintings ago to upload it on vimeo and Youtube... So, what do you think? Would it be worth uploading here later? jummmm
Here are the links.. and I want to share with you another animation I just uploaded too.

Death Born - Vimeo
Death Born - Youtube

Squares and colors
Squares and colors - Youtube
Squares and colors - Vimeo

I may also be uploading two games later, next or the next of the next month, one is about a sheep running away from a butcher, I mean... a man with scisors, his mom never told him running with those were dangerous. And the other is based upon one of the Kirby 64 minigames, the one where you had to jump one or two spaces through some obstacles to win first. I don't know if they would count as "racing games" or what.. I just know that the sheep game its some sort of "Marvin Spectrum ... Oh well I'll know what do you think about em when I upload them.

-DeathBorn- Worth Uploading?

VIDEODRUG "A very psycholorful drug for a peanut brain primate" -FIXED-

2008-01-12 20:38:08 by Atzu

"A very psycholorful drug for a peanut brain primate"

The animation "Videodrug" has just been fixed. The audio mix, the preloader and also the menu button that allowed you to "hallucinate" from the mere begining works just fine. Give yourself a try and hallucinate again.

PD: If anyone notes any bug, tellme. I'll eventually answer to all coments.

VIDEODRUG    "A very psycholorful drug for a peanut brain primate"   -FIXED-

Hi ya there Newgrounders, I recently openned a DeviantArt acount, if anyone likes anything of mine or are just curious, visit:
Elbaronescarlata on DeviantArt
Or you can also google for "elbaronescarlata" .
There will be a couple of things I will just upload there so, check it out yourselves and if you want, you may send me your comments here or wherever you want.
By the way, merry christmas and have not only one happy year, but a generally happy life.

More Atzu's animations at DeviantArt

Yipee!!! 4th daily Place for "El 7mo.../ The 7th..."

2007-09-09 00:37:46 by Atzu

Yesterday when I subimitted my animation I was pretty nervous, first, the Internet at home just didn't work and when it did, I just couldn't manage to enter newgrounds. When I finally submitted, thanks to my sister and her laptop, I was very excited and nervous because I actually told all my contacts about the animation with a week of anticipation and also I sent to all them the newgrounds's link.
I didn't know what to expect when I was recieving very good comments from another newgrounders and some of my contacts.
I was surprised to see that my animation was rated 3.80, I was expecting a 4 because all the people I told to try to vote five and tell another people. When I was finally getting used of that rate, something that got in my nerves happened, the score changed, and it was lowering, and rising, and then lowering and lowering again. I'm sure this happens to most of the other poeple, however, I want to write this.
That night I watched the other animations that had better or similar rate than mine, and I was thinking to vote 0, I controled myself and didn't get too jealous, and thougth that because I was having a bad time, it didn't mean that I should do that to others, so I did the opposite and I tried to help some of the animations I considered lik3 "philips invited", and animation which I saw, was receiving only grosh reviews that didn't really look at the art of the animator.
I undersleep watching for my score, and I just gave up the posibility for it to recover, so when I checked again and saw a lower rate I just didn't want to know more.
Now that I checked my animation I'm happy because I won the 4th daily Place, I've never won anything by my own but a running race a couple of years ago, so I just became happy and thought to write this.
I know this may be useless but it made feel better and I think that's what matters, and if this was useful or good to anybody in any strange way, "very much better" then. jeje

Lots of thanks to all voters, including those who voted 1 or 0.

The 7th / El 7mo (newgrounds)

Yipee!!! 4th daily Place for "El 7mo.../ The 7th..."